Whitney Dosty: Short on Oxygen


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So I lied a little, it’s been 2 weeks now and my internet still is broken. It’s a situation I hope to get handled soon; I had to put my foot down. I’ve been trying not to trip about it and in fact it’s been a blessing in disguise. After all, there was a time when people got along without email, FaceBook, YouTube Instagram, and Twitter. I say it’s been a blessing in disguise because I have no reason to want to sit at home and not explore my surroundings. Because of not having Internet I have become well acquainted with Baku.

The curse of not having Internet… I leave the house and spend money on things I probably don’t need.

I feel like I’ve learned a lot from getting out the house. Mainly I’ve learned where to get the best deals on food and finding food products I’m used to. For instance, I don’t know if I already told you but it is NOT cheap to live in Baku. I have found that the best/cheapest markets are in the shopping malls. The choices and the prices are better than the everyday super-markets.

I found a market that carries a large amount of American food, and even Asian food for when I feel like getting my Korean BBQ on; nothing like rice and seaweed. The convenient store across the street happens to carry tortillas, its random. I can’t find bananas there when they carry all other fruit but I can find tortillas. Hmmmm I haven’t seen a tortilla anywhere else yet. Tacos and burritos anyone?


Soooo, what else have I been doing without internet, besides making friends with cab drivers, exploring every shopping mall, and frequenting Shclotzskys Deli and Cinnabon for internet?

I guess you could say I’m becoming a bit of a chef. Well, nothing major but I’d like to see how well you make jerk chicken sauce on your first try ;) FROM SCRATCH!!!

Untitled_instantSo, I’m trying to learn how to cook REAL food. Keep in mind I’m an amature, but I’m open to new recipes. If you have a recipe you think I should try send it to me. In fact, the Jerk Sauce was sent to me from a friend…. Give me a challenge :)

What else have I been doing without internet???? Reading my Azerbaijan handbook of course!! There are a lot of interesting facts about Baku in this book.



I suppose not having internet has just made me bored, however I hope you enjoyed reading.


Whitney Dosty
The Whitney Dosty Blog 

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