Lauren Gibbemeyer – Japan Diaries (Photo Edition)

Here are some photos describing our Nagoya-Tokyo trip as we finish up our World Grand Champions Cup tournament! Enjoy!

Bullet train peace signs
Late night video sessions
Waking up in Nagoya
View from my room
Passed a bus on the way to practice that was covered in kid’s drawings
Street art?
traditional USA elevator pic
First practice on the competition court
Japan has some dedicated fans!
No room for baggage under the bus? Improvise and shove bags in the aisle! 5 hour bus ride back to Tokyo.  Kristin’s face says it all…
A beautiful day at a Japanese bus stop
They have the weirdest flavors.  Wasabi?!
Passed Mount Fuji on the way to Tokyo.  They say it is good luck to be able to see the mountain without clouds covering it up!
5 hours later…
Bus window views
View from breakfast.  Such a beautiful city
Biggest Forever 21 I’ve ever seen
Celebration after our 5 set win over Russia

Team look-a-likes.  Spot on

Flirting with danger
Walking around Tokyo

Hey DJ!

The BEST macaroons! Raspberry, dark chocolate, pistachio, and salted caramel…Just a couple more days to enjoy Japan before it’s back to Baku I go!


Lauren Gibbemeyer
Lost in Translation

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