Whitney Dosty – To do list

Go to Times Square on New Year’s Eve

Learn to surf.

See the Taj Mahal

Start my own business.

Learn conversational Spanish.

Learn t0 Salsa.

Choose a country and learn not only the language that is spoken there, but also study its customs, its cuisine, its art, and its history. (For now it is Korea)

Take singing lessons.

Go on safari.

See The Great Wall of China.

Learn to Belly Dance.

A). Appear in a Broadway Musical. B). At least Audition for  a Broadway play

Start a bog

Fire a pistol.

Witness an Aurora Borealis.

Be in Sports Illustrated…. (Swimsuit :) )

Ride a camel in the Sahara desert.

Go jet skiing.

Take up yoga.

Become financially literate.

Take ballet classes again.

Learn to meditate.

Participate in the Olympics.

Open my own bar/restaurant

See the Eiffel Tower.

Visit all 7 continents.

Be interviewed on the Today Show.

Become a professional athlete.

Invest in the stock market.

Go Zip Lining.

Attend The Super Bowl

Go to St. Thomas.

See Gaudi’s La Sagrada Familia, Barcelona, Spain

Visit The Pyramids of Giza, Egypt.

Make a documentary film.

See the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris

See Mount Rushmore

Go to Bora Bora.

Be a clothes designer

Swim with dolphins

Go skydiving.

Take up photography.

Get married.

Take notes fellas; this is my future yellow diamond engagement ring 🙂

Live in a foreign country for six months.

Read one book a month (I don’t read much)

Discover my life’s purpose.

Get a Masters.

Meet the President of the United States.

Cut the ribbon at a major opening.

Adopt a child

Make a difference in at least one person’s life.

Once I’ve made it:

Donate a million dollars to my alma mater. (Wildcat for life)

Own a beach house.

Drive a Lamborghini or a Ferrari. (Just drive, not own)

Charter a yacht.

See Beyonce in concert. (When I found out Beyonce was pregnant, my dream of seeing her in concert was crushed. I hadn’t gotten a chance to see her yet and knew she wouldnt be performing for a long time) My dream is alive again. The Mrs. Carter Show


Whitney Dosty
The Whitney Dosty Blog 

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