Rachael Adams – To do list

  1. Watch the ball drop in Times Square NYC
  2. Take a picture in front of the Eiffel Tower
  3. Own and raise a dog
  4. Stay the night at an outdoor hotel
  5. Eat a macaroon in Paris
  6. Have dinner at The Oasis in Austin, TX
  7. Vacation in the Caribbean
  8. Sing Karaoke in Poland
  9. Snorkel on coral reef
  10. Live alone
  11. Model for a fashion show
  12. Complete a mud run
  13. Run a half marathon
  14. Fire a gun at the shooting range
  15. Visit Pogoria III in Dabrowa Gornicza
  16. Go on a cruise
  17. Make a blog
  18. Go to a salsa class
  19. See the Aurora Borealis
  20. Celebrate New Years Eve in Berlin, Germany
  21. Live 8months in Poland
  22. Go to the symphony
  23. Walk The Great Wall of China
  24. Paint something and sell it
  25. Take a Taxi in New York
  26. Visit Krakow and Warsaw
  27. Become fluent in another language
  28. Go on a hiking trip
  29. Spend Easter in Berlin, Germany
  30. Attend college out of state
  31. Ride a train in Europe
  32. Eat Gelato in Italy
  33. Solve a Rubik’s Cube
  34. Make my own ice cream
  35. Vacation in a lodge during the winter
  36. Horseback riding on the beach
  37. Try traditional Polish Christmas dishes
  38. Attend a super bowl
  39. Get a passport
  40. Drive to Mexico
  41. See a NFL game
  42. Learn CPR
  43. Watch the sunset in Greece
  44. Throw a dinner party
  45. Tour Universal Studios in LA
  46. Go on an African Safari
  47. Ride a Segway
  48. Host a Super Bowl party
  49. Witness All Saints day in Poland
  50. Fly in a charter plane
  51. Build a bonfire and make s’mores
  52. Visit Vatican City
  53. Make sushi
  54. Be a girl scout
  55. Attend soccer game in Italy
  56. See the Lunar and Solar eclipse
  57. Attend a midnight screening of a movie
  58. Drive a manual car
  59. “Snuba Dive” in Turks and Caicos
  60. Gamble in Vegas
  61. Illustrate a children’s book
  62. Paintballing
  63. Take a friends vacation with the girls
  64. Milk a goat
  65. ACL in Austin, Texas
  66. Carve a pumpkin in Poland
  67. Learn how to use chopsticks
  68. Go ice skating
  69. Grow a vegetable garden
  70. Go zip lining
  71. Mardi Gras in New Orleans
  72. F1 race in Austin, Texas
  73. Swim with Dolphins
  74. Be a member of a studio audience
  75. Have “a usual” at a restaurant
  76. Two step in Texas
  77. Spend the night at the Zoo
  78. Ride a horse
  79. Go paragliding
  80. Make a clay pot
  81. Ride a fake bull
  82. Be on ESPN2
  83. See ancient ruins in Rome, Italy
  84. Go wake boarding
  85. Pet an elephant
  86. Live in a foreign country
  87. Stay overnight in a bungalow in Bora Bora
  88. Become an Olympian
  89. Give a toast at a wedding
  90. Graduate from college in front of my family
  91. Witness a police chase
  92. Go Whiskey tasting
  93. Drive-In movie theater
  94. Sleep under the stars
  95. Eat outside my comfort zone
  96. Eat sushi in Japan
  97. Go standup paddle boarding
  98. Go to Disney World
  99. Take a cooking class
  100. Get married
  101. Build a family
  102. Learn how to make a French dessert
  103. Spend Christmas in Istanbul, Turkey
  104. Meet a blog friend in real life
  105. Go wine tasting in Italy
  106. Visit the Grand Canyon
  107. Go skiing
  108. See the 9/11 Memorial
  109. Launch my own website
  110. Live in Austin, Texas
  111. See a show on Broadway in New York
  112. Go to a ballet
  113. Learn sign language
  114. See the remains of the Berlin Wall
  115. Visit New York
  116. Private boat on the Baltic Sea
  117. Beat someone in chess
  118. Get a professional massage on the beach
  119. Visit Australia
  120. Ride a camel in Egypt
  121. Attend Blue Man Group Show
  122. Milk a goat
  123. See The Statue of Liberty
  124. Swim with sting rays
  125. Cliff jump into the water
  126. Drink Piña Colada in Puerto, Rico
  127. Road trip for spring break in Florida
  128. Be a Division I All-American
  129. Happy hour in Poland
  130. Ride a Greyhound Bus
  131. Take a picture in a London phone booth
  132. Take picture in front of Austins “I love you so much” graffiti art
  133. Be in the Polish newspaper


Rachael Adams
My Scenic Route 

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