Whitney Dosty – Selling your Seoul

Disclaimer: I have had this post for weeks and have written and re-written it many times. What you are reading now is my version of exposing my weakness without displaying my complete vulnerability to the world.

Here it is…

Learning lessons. Being responsible. Facing adversity. Being on your own. GROWING UP. Frankly, growing up sucks! … okay, it doesn’t suck ALL the time :) 

I am living my dream. I would love to tell you how awesome every single day is being a professional athlete, traveling the world and living in different countries; but if I did that I would be lying to you.

One thing I promised myself when I began this blog was that I was going to be honest. Nobody’s life is perfect and for the people who always portray their lives to be that way I don’t believe you. We know your lying.

So you might be thinking, “Whitney what’s not to love about what you do?”

Truthfully- I do love almost everything about what I do. I love playing volleyball. I love traveling the world. I love so many aspects about my career and I’m thankful everyday for the gifts and talents that I was blessed with.

What makes my job difficult is the part of the business that is often overlooked.

The problem with explaining our own “difficult situations” and “mid-week crisis’” to other people is that we always seem to exaggerate our own problems as if we are the first and the only person to be going through a particular situation. So often we treat the most immediate problems in our life as if it is the most extreme, painful and overwhelming issue.

I do not want to be THAT person.

This is a reflection on the people in my life and the power that we have within ourselves to change any situation. It’s about growing up, learning, adapting and remembering who we are, what values we possess and how far we will go to be great.

On my break from Korea in August I enjoyed vacation with my family and being around friends. It was great being back in my comfort zone for a few days. The hardest part wasn’t leaving Tucson. The hardest part was being back in a situation that I had adapted to already and having it feel so foreign all over again. It was tough relinquishing the freedom I had just experienced for 2 weeks to a world where I once again became mute to those around me.

It was frustrating knowing how great it felt to be around people who loved me and then having to walk back into a world where all people were trying to do was change me. Not in a sense of my values and personality.  More so the food I eat, the way I communicate, the customs I’m used to, when I can talk with friends and family (time difference), where I can go, and when I can be on my own. These are the little things we take advantage of regularly.

To put it simply, I didn’t want to change and I was sad that I was alone with no one to back me up. That’s the thing about change; we have to realize that change is inevitable and with out change we are making no progress. As humans we cling on to people, things and even places, and then we are not being able to move forward. From my experiences in not wanting to change the result ends in loneliness and sadness. You become lonely because others have accepted the change and left you. Then you become sad because change is hard, and we all want things to be easy.

Being alone is part of my job, but how you approach it begs the question: Are you really alone?

It’s incredible how much kind words can change your perspective on life and many situations. Sometimes you don’t need to be touched physically (hug, pat on the back, a slap across the head lol) to have someone touch your heart or better yet your Seoul :).I can’t thank the people enough who reached out with love, advice, and encouragement. Thank you for reminding me of the person I am and the belief you have in me.

Sybil D. Momma and Daddy Dosty. Annette Perry, Sherisa Livingston. Brock A. Jordana Price. Lauren Lacey. T.Shaffer. Becca Tobin. Karlie Hustle. Candi Nicholson. Nia Fanaika. Shyra Ely-Gash. Becky Perry. Christy Voekel. C.Allen. Toccara Rene’e. Bryttani Smith

I had become so stuck on relying on myself, and attempting to tackle any and all problems on my own that I didn’t realize how many people actually cared. I guess, the power we have in ourselves isn’t the only source we have to rely on when faced with difficult situations. The power of family, loved ones and friends can make all the difference in how you wake up and approach everyday.


No one wants to admit to being weak

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