Whitney Dosty – Baku Update

I’m in Baku! I’ve been here for about 2 weeks. However, the Internet was out at my house all last week making it seem like an eternity already. Anyway, I’m here in Baku livin’ life and playing volleyball. There really isn’t a whole lot to this place. It’s a simple city.

I’m pretty sure people don’t come here specifically to vacation. I think people who come here from other countries have a reason like for work or something business related. So, what is my opinion of this place? Hmmm. I’m indifferent, I don’t hate it nor have I fallen in love with it. It fits me well I guess. When I have free time I venture out into the city. When I first arrived I was walking a lot, and I mean A LOT. Walking was the only way I could be sure I wasn’t going to get lost. As I started to get more comfortable I would get in cabs and just tell them to drive in a specific direction until I felt like getting out. Getting around can be difficult here because there are so few people who speak English. Another way I get from point A to point B is by writing on a piece of paper where I want to go, and so far I’ve only gone to popular shopping malls. Once I went to a restaurant to meet some friends. YES, I have friends here :)

I’m happy to be playing in an environment where English may not be the first language, but it’s a language that everyone on my team speaks. I’m also proud to say that I am 1 of 3 Americans on my team. The number of Americans playing in Baku is somewhere over 12 I believe…. Like I said I have friends here :)  It’s a refreshing change to be able to speak my mind let alone to speak directly to the person I want to communicate with. I can honestly say that I wake up everyday excited and happy about life and the opportunities that the day may bring. I have no reason to be upset; though the not having Internet at all last week was a slight damper on my days.

I find myself so appreciative of everyday here because I know how tough and difficult this situation could be (in comparison to living in Korea).  Korea was a test for me, and I passed. I’d give my self an A+ for effort but over all probably like B for attitude, open-mindedness, and homesickness (and I would never admit to being homesick, but Korea can sure make you miss where you come from). So, Korea was a test (like a final exam) and Baku is like waking up every morning and going to a class you actually like. Sure the waking up for class part is hard, but you enjoy being there and learn something new everyday. Baku should be a promising semester.

Moments from Baku so far…….











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