Entertainment in an Overseas Apartment

Some days overseas tend to drag on. You open your laptop, maybe watch a movie you have saved on your hard drive, maybe watch another movie, and so on…

With all the technology available to us today, there are so many options to keep you entertained and feeling more at home overseas. Below is a list and description of a few devices you should invest in to take your entertainment system to the next level:

  1. Slingbox: This is one of the best investments for a professional athlete (or significant other) living abroad. After buying the Slingbox (one time fee) all you do is hook up the Slingbox device to a cable box in America (maybe your parents) and you can watch TV anywhere in the world! It’s even better if you’re able to hook up the Slingbox to a cable box that has a DVR since time changes can be a hassle. Fun fact: you’ll realize just how much you actually miss American commercials once you’re overseas watching American TV! You can watch TV using Slingbox from your iPad/iPhone if you get the app, from your computer by going to the Slingbox website, or even Apple TV. Slingbox
  2. Apple TV: It’s basically an iTunes interface for your television. You can rent movies wirelessly, sync all of your media to it, download apps, and use “AirPlay.” apple tv
  3. Projector: You can find small HD projectors online that are easy to travel with. These are great to hook your laptop up to (or Apple TV if you have one!) In-home movie theatre? Yes, please! projector
  4. Bluetooth Speakers (Jambox/Bose): Nice addition to your in-home movie theatre! These speakers are small and easy to travel with. They’re also perfect for listening to music (aka pre/post game dance parties in the locker room). They’re really a great sound system for such a small device. jambox
  5. Gaming Consoles: If you’re a gamer, you need one of these overseas. If you’re not a gamer, these consoles do more than just play games nowadays. I mean… who doesn’t like Just Dance?! Whether it’s an Xbox, PlayStation, or Wii, a gaming console could help keep you entertained in more ways than you may think.


Here are a couple of  athletes who love their projectors (Thanks, Sonja and Becky!):


image copy

The overseas season isn’t a short one. Help make your experience an entertaining one by investing in one/some/all of these devices.

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