Evangella Sanders: 5 Things Different about Greece

Evangella Sanders is currently playing professional volleyball in Greece. Since being there, she has experienced some notable differences in the culture there when compared to America. Let’s just say she saw a dog drinking a small coffee speaking Greek and paying to get onto the beach. Just kidding… But close:

  1. Language: I think Greek might be one of the most difficult languages to read. The Greek alphabet is unlike anything I’ve ever seen (look more like “symbols” than what I think of as letters) and just when I think I can make out a word because it looks similar to English, I’m so far off, it’s semi amusing.
  2. Strays: Stray dogs/cats make up as much of my city’s population as people do. If I gave into my animal loving instincts, my apartment would basically be a dog/cat farm.
  3. Weather: Not that this is “different”, but I’ve learned the hard way that palm trees don’t always equal warm weather. Even though it may never snow, winters in humid/”tropical” places are BRUTAL!
  4. Smaller Portions: Although I’m not a coffee drinker, I’m always entertained by the fact that their biggest sized coffee is equivalent to Starbuck’s smallest sized coffee. I mentioned it to my “Greek mom” and she commented that Americans “do everything oversized”. So true.
  5. Beach Entry Fees: Not sure if this exists other places, but many of the beaches here have an “entry fee”. I’ve personally never had to pay to lay on the beach, so I thought that was different.


Evangella Sanders
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