Embarrassing Stories Overseas

Getting adjusted to a new culture, language, way of life, etc. can be hard. When looking at it from a different perspective though, it can actually be quite funny. Below are a few athletes who were able to laugh at their situations and share with us some embarrassing stories. Thanks for the laughs!

“I injured my hamstring so I had to correlate with the team trainer on where to meet him to get a massage. He told me the location and said its “sex on the house.” Both of my coaches were standing there listening to this. What he meant was there is a number six on the outside of the building, which is how I would know the correct one. Sex is six in swedish! Thankfully, we all found this hilarious but a bit embarrassing as well!”


Emily Dowd
European Adventures
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“Locking yourself outside in Finland during the winter is never a good idea…”

Screen Shot 2013-12-08 at 9.16.49 AM

Dustin Watten
My Life as a Professional (Volley)baller
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“Every morning in Austria my team would say “Morgen” whenever someone came in. After a couple weeks of hearing “Morgen!” “Morgen” “morgen” again and again, my teammate finally asks, “Who’s Morgan!?!?” Morgen means morning in Germin, short for Guten Morgen (good morning).”

“My car currently has my face plastered on both sides, so I’m constantly embarrassed and getting stared at when I drive. Especially if there’s some confusion or anger on the road.”


Jenna Hagguland:
Working hard, playing harder
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