Kate Hein: What I Can’t Travel Without

Husband and wife, Andy and Kate Hein, are currently in Innsbruck, Austria where Andy is playing professional volleyball. As this isn’t their first rodeo overseas, they are experienced in packing and knowing what to bring to make life overseas a little easier. Below are a few things Kate said they can’t travel without:

1. Our dog. When Andy is away on long trips, having the companionship and excuse to get out of the house is a huge blessing. Harry, our pup, has visited more European cities than most people I know have. Does he appreciate it? Heck no. But does he look cute prancing down Champs Elysees? Absolutely.

2. Slingbox and our projector. As much as I hate to admit it, having access to network shows from home and more importantly, professional sports games, is a lifesaver. As the weekend winds down, I can’t think of a better way to spend my Sunday evening than watching the Minnesota Vikings disappoint on the big screen in our living room.

3. Drugs. Cold medicine in Europe just isn’t the same. And beating jet lag can be a real drag if attempted entirely unassisted. I always stock up on our go-tos (thank you, Costco) and have visitors refill as needed.

4. Good lotion. Cold European winters aren’t easy on the bod. Dry skin and staticky hair are par for the course overseas. I always pack stockpiles of cocoa butter and Rosebud salve to combat cracking volleyball fingers, ailing cuticles, and assorted dry patches.

5. iPhone. I don’t know where I’d be without iMessage, Instagram, Skype and the like. Staying connected is crucial to surviving and succeeding in these foreign lands.

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