Deedee Harrison: 3 Things I Wish I Knew Before Going Overseas

Professional athlete Deedee Harrison is currently in Haro, La Rioja located in Spain. As this is her second year overseas, Deedee wanted to help those who are new to the scene and share a few things she wish she knew before going overseas:

  1. Wifi is NOT as readily available everywhere (i.e. hotels) so be prepared to miss days of action and communication if you do not have a good phone plan.
  2. Speaking of phone plans, BRING A PHONE that is SIM card ready, like a blackberry, so you do not have to buy a phone that you can’t use when you go back home.
  3. And last but not least, bring all the country’s adapters with you so that you are not stuck with any dead devices until you can get to a store to buy one.
  4. Bonus tip: research your town and see what stores are there so that you don’t expect something you need to buy to be readily available once you arrive… and then you find out your town is as big as a WalMart and only has three stores that all close at 5pm.

Great advice. Thanks, Deedee!


Deedee Harrison
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