Charlie Horton: Favorite Places I’ve Traveled To

Charlie Horton, professional football (soccer) player has done quite a bit of traveling thus far in his career. Of all the places he’s been though, these are his favorites:

1. Lisbon, Portugal: Honestly, I am not sure what I could compare Lisbon to. I loved the city though. The food was unbelievable and I was literally able to try something new and foreign at every meal. Also, the shopping was second to none. Many of your big name shops and designers were scattered all over the city, which made for a lot to do when not on the pitch. Finally, there were tons of street performers all over the city which were very amusing, interesting, and fun to watch.

2. Santiago, Chile: Santiago was very different from what at the time was home, Cleveland, Ohio. Mind you it was very different from the United States in general; however, it was an incredible journey and experience to see how people lived and played in a country completely unlike mine. The food again was different and the weather was unbelievable. Probably the most interesting two things about Santiago were how modern it was when I expected its infrastructure to be quite far behind the States and also how wide the gap was between the very poor and the very wealthy. Nevertheless, it was an awesome experience.


Bonus advice! There are other places I have played abroad and probably the most interesting thing that I know is true for Football (Soccer), but may also be true for other sports is how different countries  and cultures play my sport. Furthermore, how important it is to in some ways adjust to that and even more so learn and add certain elements of how they go about playing; while, still maintaining your own style and techniques that make you unique. By doing this I think you enhance your game and also achieve greater success.


Charlie Horton
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