Peanut Butter: Jelly’s Missing Companion

Just how hard is it to find peanut butter overseas?

Dustin Watten, Arie Wilson, Kayla Jeter, Jenna Haggland, and Diane Copenhagen: “Things we can’t travel without…Peanut butter.”

Kristin Carpenter: “Things I wish I knew before going overseas…These people don’t believe in Peanut butter.”

Emily Dowd: “Things I’ve noticed that’s different overseas…How peanut butter is not a big thing overseas at all!”

Here are even a few tweets from our athletes to show you how deprived and obsessed they are with this rare, protein-enriched delicacy:

And an awesome fun fact that proves just how amazing peanut butter is:

As you walk down every single isle in the grocery store, your doubt increases with each step you take. Will I find my beloved peanut butter? You grow desperate. “I’ll even take it crunchy if that’s all they have!” You reach THE isle. Honey on one side, endless amounts of jelly on another. A few steps more and your hopes drop to an all time low. Peanut butter’s arch nemesis: Nutella. No matter how many regretful, late night spoon fulls of Nutella you’ve eaten, it will never replace the love you have for peanut butter.

After this amazing suggestion from one of our supporters, we have decided to start a peanut butter drive. #PeanutButter4Pros. Sponsors and/or donators, please save these athletes of their peanut butter deprivation before it’s too late…


2 Responses to “Peanut Butter: Jelly’s Missing Companion”

  1. Chris

    Spreading the word! Hopefully the next time any of my American friends travel to watch a match in Europe, they’ll be able to answer your prayers and deliver some peanut butter.


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