Monique Mead: 5 Things Different About Baku, Azerbaijan

Ever wonder what it’s like to live in Baku, Azerbaijan? Monique Mead, professional volleyball athlete, has noticed some differences in her current country compared to America.

1. There is not much diversity. Therefore, I get stared at constantly.

2. I know everyone says this about the different countries they are in, but the people here drive CRAZY! I don’t even want to think about owning/renting a car.

3. Very few people speak English.

4. No Walmart, No Publix, No Kroger. Grocery stores are very small and most of the food is not processed.

5. I see sheep getting skinned on the side of the road quite often. I also see whole pigs, chickens, turkeys, sheep, etc. hanging in store windows. Sometimes you see some that are still alive, and I kind of feel bad because they have to know they’re next.


Monique Mead
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