Embarrassing Stories Overseas

It’s that time again! More embarrassing stories overseas!

“Make sure to know if you can drink the water! When I played in Spain the first question I asked upon arriving to the team was if the water was clean and safe to drink. Coming from Switzerland where the water is quite pure, this seemed to be a valid question. Receiving a positive yes from all of my teammates I decided to trust them and drink the faucet water only to suffer for the next two weeks. Although all of my teammates drank the water, apparently my body did not grow up drinking it, and thus, reacted differently. Between practices, during practices, after practices I spent a lot of my time in the bathroom. Unable to eat anything or keep anything inside of me I finally saw the team physician after losing nearly 9lbs. After being prescribed a medication similar to Imodium, a plain rice diet, and bottled water, I finally was able to become fully healthy again only to learn a very valuable and unforgettable lesson of buying purified drinking water while overseas. Especially in a city where the purity of the water is unclear.”

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Sabel Moffett
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“Oh, you mean the time I got kicked out of the sauna for NOT being completely butt naked? I should also mention it was during “rush hour” at the gym – men and women of all ages witnessed my public scolding and (I’m sure) giggled as I slinked back to the locker room.”

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Kate Hein
In Hein Sight…
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“The language barrier has led to more than a few comical stories from my experiences abroad. One such incident occurred in Sweden while visiting my teammate’s hometown. After spending the day exploring town, we stopped by her parents’ house. When we arrived, they were enjoying wine with friends and were excited to show off their English. My teammate’s dad was the most eager of the bunch and was asking everyone’s opinion of his recent art purchases. When he attempted to ask me to come and join him near the painting, he mistakenly exclaimed, “Come, enjoy me!” Needless to say, he (and my teammate) was thoroughly embarrassed, but his guests got a good laugh out of the briefly uncomfortable situation.”


Leigh Jakes
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