Kayla Banwarth: Three Things I Wish I Knew Before Going Overseas

Pro athlete Kayla Banwarth shares some thoughts on what she wished she knew before going overseas to play professional volleyball:

1. Less clothing, more food! The club you play for will give you all kinds of gear when you get there and let’s be honest, did I really need to bring 15 t-shirts with me? I don’t think so. Especially when you first arrive in your new home it’s going to be a struggle figuring out what to eat, where to get food, what’s safe to eat and what’s unsafe. So bring a lot of food not only to get you started in your new country, but enough to keep you sane whenever you’re feeling homesick and craving American food.


(not my actual suitcase. Don’t worry)

 2. It’s okay to say “no”. If you are injured or feel that anything the club is asking you to do is not in your best interest, it is okay to say “no”. When you are overseas, a lot of the time you need to take your own well being into consideration over everything else.


3. Adversity happens. So buckle up! It’s gonna be a crazy ride. In about 3 months, I have come home to find out my heat and hot water isn’t working. I’ve had at least three nights where I had to put on about three layers just to be warm enough to be able to sleep. Stuff like this happens. And it will happen to you whether you like it or not. Expect adversity.



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