Sarah Pavan: Advice for Fueling Through the Season

Not only is she a professional indoor volleyball athlete, but Sarah Pavan is also a professional beach volleyball athlete. Representing Canada world-wide, and currently playing pro indoor in Brazil, Sarah has a lot of experience. Whether she’s playing indoor or beach volleyball, she is almost always in season. With very little breaks, her experiences have led her to live by these tips of advice for staying fueled and making it through a long season:

1. Find a hobby that will keep you busy in your free time… there is a lot of it! Online classes, books, sightseeing, scrapbooking your adventures… it is important to find something that you enjoy doing to keep your mind busy.

2. Immerse yourself in the culture and make friends outside of your team. For example, go to restaurants that only the locals eat at, attend local festivals, celebrate the holidays. Making friends outside of your sport lets you separate your life from your sport for a little while each week, and let’s you live like a non-athlete once in a while. Learning about the inner workings of the culture you are living in will give you a greater appreciation of wherever you are, and you will carry those memories with you forever.

3. Find a place where you can relax other than your apartment or the gym. Going to a coffee shop, a bookstore, or friends’ houses helps to break up the day instead of waiting around for your next practice.

sarah pavan
Sarah Pavan
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