Embarrassing Stories Overseas

Hey… might as well laugh at yourself, right?!

“For everyone that knows me this is not a shocker but pretty funny! I was playing volleyball in Poland my first season and of course we don’t use the same metric system as the rest of the world! So as I am doing drills in practice my coach who barely speaks English tells me to stand on the 3 meter line and pass! I continue to stand in the same place and give him a blank stare! Everyone is dying laughing and I am clearly confused until one of the girls places me on the 10 foot line and says this is the 3 meter line!!! I felt so silly but hey there is a first time for everything and you learn something new everyday!”

Arie Wilson
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“One cultural adjustment, you could say, would be Finland’s openness to nudity. Finland is known for its handcrafted wooden steam saunas, which are actually included in many homes and apartments. Saunas are seen as a way to escape the bitter cold and socialize with friends…naked. Even the saunas at recreation centers where residents from ages 6-65 all enter the sauna naked. So the next time you’re invited to a sauna party in Finland, feel free to leave your bathing suit and embrace your body! You’ll get more looks with clothes on than without.”


Kayla Jeter
Adventures of Little Mixed Girl
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My coach in Korea had a habit of using some pretty questionable tactics when expressing his disapproval of our work. While I never got it as bad as my Korean teammates did, one day, I made a hitting error, and he ran over to me, grabbed my arm, and bit it. I was shocked and disgusted, so I gave him a nasty look. I think he got the point, because he never bit me again, and I learned to watch out if I ever did something wrong.”

Um… what?!

sarah pavan

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