Happy 1 Month Anniversary!!!


Today marks the 1 month anniversary since we first launched Athletes Abroad! We can’t thank everyone enough for all the positive feedback and support that we have received. It’s been a great first month, and we’re looking forward to growing this community even more!

Here are just some of the great things that people have been saying about Athletes Abroad.

Athletes Abroad Testimonials

“Such a great idea you two. I love reading the daily posts and tweets from Athletes Abroad—you guys are doing a wonderful job so far.” –Brad Lawson

“Love the site. Nice work! You make ’em feel at home overseas and I’ll ensure they feel appreciated playing at home.” –Matt Garthoff

“Finally a site that gives inexperienced youngins like me real insight into the world of pro sports!!!” –Natalie Hagglund

“This is honestly one of the coolest ideas ever. So happy you guys thought of this and from the looks of it, it’s continuously growing so congrats!” –Kristin Carpenter

“That moment when you realize there is another pro athlete with the same nationality as you in your city. Athletes Abroad encouraged me to look outside the volleyball world and I found a fellow athlete!” –Tanya Paulin

“First off, I would like to say how much I like this idea. I am a huge fan of the entrepreneurial side of things and I’m putting similar ideas together during my free time for when I get back state side for good. Thanks for reaching out and I’m envious of your ability to do this while balancing your life overseas!” –AJ Nally

“Love following the project you guys have started. It’s always a good to hear from other athletes overseas and be reminded that we are not alone in this adventure!” –David Smith

“I think this website is an awesome way to connect with other players overseas and is a creative way to share stories and advice for people wanting to play or already playing abroad.” –Kayla Neto

“This website is brilliant. It is so helpful as I begin to prepare for my professional career and pumps me up for what’s next!” –Kristen Hahn

“First off, let me say this site is a great idea. Since I’m a male volleyball player I’m doing all I can to help the game become more popular everywhere, and this site should be another great avenue towards that. Players from my hometown and the University of Hawaii, my alma mater, are always asking me about living abroad, so I’m definitely interested in contributing.” –Joshua Walker

“I love that you are doing this and giving insight to the sacrifices that these players and their families are going through to get paid to play the sport they love.” –Dana Wall (mother)

“The website is awesome and you guys rock for doing it!” – Lauren Van Orden

“I think it’s pretty amazing and wish there had been something like that when I was traveling.” –Tayyiba Haneef-Park

“I think it’s such a great idea you’re doing this. My family/friends are always wanting me to keep them up to date, and I’m sure they would enjoy reading other’s experiences as well.” –Monique Mead

Thank you all so much!!!


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