Erin Leaser: 5 Things Different About Brussels, Belgium

Erin Leaser is currently playing her second season with Barbar Girls volleyball club in Brussels, Belgium. Here are a few things she’s noticed that are different about Brussels, Belgium: 
1. Waffle trucks are completely normal to see throughout the day. There is one parked right outside of where we do our powerlifting during the week and it is a constant temptation!
2. There are three official languages in Belgium: Dutch, French, and German. I took a few months of French classes, but having no background in the language made it difficult to learn so quickly. On the plus side, Brussels is home to the European Parliament, making it a very international city with a high population of English speakers.
3. It is a culture rich city extending from their many museums and exhibits to the displays they put on throughout the year in the downtown area. It is a nice way to spend our down time and stimulate our brains!
4. Food and drinks are phenomenal. Mussels and fries (served with mayonnaise of course) is the Belgian specialty and my favorite. 
image copy
5. It is in a prime location for traveling. When we have a day or two free, we can hop on a train and go to London, France, Germany, or Holland in a matter of a couple of hours.
Erin Leaser
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