Monique Mead: The key to our troubles

For some reason, my roommate, Cursty Jackson and I are always having key problems. When I first got to Baku, there was only one key set for an apartment inhabiting two people (problem number one).

This key set had three parts:
1) Top key – normal key that you use to lock the door from the outside
2) Bottom key – not so normal key that you use to lock the door from the outside, but also need it to unlock the door from the inside
3) Fob key – use this key to get inside the apartment building

For a month or two we waited to get the second set of keys, but they never came. Instead of waiting around, we took matters into our own hands and got another set made. This only halfway solved the problem because only the bottom key actually worked, while the top key didn’t (problem number two).

Since majority of the time I got home later than Cursty, I had the original key set with the fob. The security guards are always outside, so they can let Cursty in the building. The first issue we had with our mismatch key sets was on Thanksgiving. While Cursty was away competing in Russia (her team won by the way) I would always use the top key to lock the door. Yes, the key she didn’t have. While I was enjoying my Thanksgiving dinner at my friend Gwen’s house she was locked out of our apartment. Needless to say, she wasn’t too happy 2 hours later when I finally got back home.

Issue number two was when I went to watch Cursty play at the arena about 20-30 minutes away from our apartment. Since she was playing, I figured I would get back to the apartment first. I was wrong. We had a surprise team meeting that lasted longer than expected. Again, Cursty was locked out of the apartment. I know, bad judgement call by me (worst roommate award). At this point Cursty suggested that I should just remove the top key from my set altogether.

The last issue we had was when I actually got locked inside the apartment. I always hang my keys above the door. I can be forgetful at times, so this was my solution so I wouldn’t lose my keys. My own poke-a-yoke. Cursty only has the bottom key, which is the key you use to unlock the door from the inside and out. As I’m about to walk out the door to catch the bus for practice I realize my keys are missing. I literally tore apart our apartment looking for my keys. Finally, after I missed the bus, I found them in Cursty’s jacket pocket. I ended up walking to the gym (only about 15 minutes).

These are just a few of the issues we’ve had with our keys. There have been several more instances where we didn’t hear the door bell ring or locked the top lock from the inside. For some reason, we always struggle. Whether I use the wrong key or Cursty sleeps through 2 hours of the door bell ringing, something always seems to happen. Thankfully, we’re good enough roommates and friends to be able to laugh about all of these situations.

Although, I would like to point out, if we had just been given TWO sets of keys from the beginning we wouldn’t have any issues in the first place. I’m not pointing any fingers though.

P.S. We still don’t have the same keys.


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