Simone Asque: 5 Things I Can’t Travel Without

The athletically and musically talented, Simone Asque, is currently in her second professional season overseas. She first played in Limassol, Cyprus and is currently playing in Copenhagen, Denmark. With a couple years under her belt, she knows the essentials she needs to pack when overseas for months at a time.

1. I have an android cell phone with T-Mobile and because of that I can use the Wifi calling feature – which means when I’m on wifi I can use my phone just like I’m back home in Chicago. So I don’t get charged extra for being overseas, I get all of my texts and voicemails, make phone calls to take care of business back home, and most importantly I can call my family and they can call me.

2. Lactase tablets. I am severely lactose intolerant but I love ice cream and chocolate, and sometimes at team meals there is nothing without lactose in it. But with lactase enzyme tablets I can still eat food with milk, cheese, and butter in it. So I bring about 500 tablets at a minimum to get me through until xmas, and then I restock while at home.

3. A portable suitcase weigher is really nice to have because after living somewhere for several months you accumulate a lot of stuff. The fee for overweight luggage is very high so I like knowing if I have space for more or if I need to give away some stuff.

4. I play several instruments and I write music so I always have to bring or scan my songbooks, and buying a guitar is one of the first purchases I make.

5. My kindle. I love to read and with my kindle I can bring a whole bookshelf worth of books without the actual weight of it all in my suitcase.

Simone Asque
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