Embarrassing Stories Overseas

More important than talent, strength, or knowledge is the ability to laugh at yourself and enjoy the pursuit of your dreams. -Amy Grant

“1. Chicken nuggets look very much like fish sticks. Know your vocabulary.

2. I may have watched too much TV while living in a hotel in Holland. The result, I am technically a dog whisperer along with Cesar Millan.”

3. Country music isn’t and will never be popular. Don’t even try, just embrace the banter.”

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AJ Nally
AJ Nally (USA)
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“The most embarrassing moment for me came in the form of some good natured team ‘activities.’ All the new players have to sing in front of the entire squad and management/coaching staff when they travel with the squad for the first time. It just so happened that I had to do this at a local restaurant while we were out for a meal. So if you can, imagine a 6′ 5 American being forced to stand on a chair in the middle of a restaurant, and rap to 50 Cents ‘Candy Shop’ without any background music. It goes without saying that I am planning on sticking to Football (soccer), as my rap career is definitely over.”


Charlie Horton
Features on our blog

“Upon arriving to Spain I was excited to get to practice my Spanish, which I had taken years of in school! My third day in Spain we were at the gym getting ready for practice and the president of the club came in with the coaches and asked my Scottish roommate, Lynne Beattie, and I what we had for dinner last night. I had a complete brain fart and blonde moment when I proudly announced; ‘Yo tenia el pene para la cena y estaba delicioso.’ My coach, who spoke a little English, asked if I was sure that’s what I had for dinner, and I was adamant that I did and it was extremely good!

What I had just announced to the entire club was that I had penis for dinner last night and it was delicious. What I meant to say was I had chicken, ‘pollo’. OOOPPS!! Needless I turned bright red and hesitated in trying my Spanish for the next week or so!”


Whitney Phillips

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