38 Professional Athletes and what they can’t travel without

Joshua Walker

  • PlayStation,
  • Projector
  • Phone/Tablet
  • Computer
  • Toiletry bag.

I can live on an island for years as long as I have these things.

Rachel Krabacher  

  • Smart phone: this is your connection to the world back home!
  • Electric adaptors
  • Notebooks and pens for journaling, taking notes or just doodling
  • Computer: TV is in a different language! There are so many shows and movies available online so a computer is definitely necessary
  • Camera: Even though the camera rarely does the views justice you are going to want to remember the amazing times you had and places you’ve gone

Jeff Menzel

  • I cant travel without my dre beats and iPod. A nice pair of XXL sweats. my nike frees. A beanie. anddddd myyyy wallet lol.

Reese McNatt

Taco Bell Sauce Packets, Febreeze, Headphones, and Costco amounts of Ibuprofen

Sonja Newcombe  

  • Journal: I always bring a new journal for each new season. I like to record what new experiences I have and its therapeutic for me.
  • Flannel Pillowcase: My mom made flannel pillowcases for Kyle and I and we always take them with us. It may seem a little funny but to me its a little piece of home that I can depend on no matter what the situation is or where I have to stay initially.
  • Brita filter: drinking lots of water is essential.

Chantel Hilliard  

  • iPhone
  • Passport
  • Hair Products
  • Converter(s) S
  • Shower shoes…college did it to me!

AJ Nally

  • There have been two parts overseas; Pre-iPhone and Post-iPhone. Connecting with people through apps, playing mindless games on road trips (Temple Run Master) and selfies while traveling completely revolutionized my time here.
  • Kindle: No matter the length of the trip, purpose or location, a juiced up Kindle with a couple books will get you to a happy place real fast!
  • Chuck Taylor’s: Europe’s fashion rules are intrusive on a small vacation. Chucks allow you to fit into a lot more establishments than ‘tennis shoes’ and they fold up nicely haha
  • Deodorant: Traveling sneaks up on ya. Stress, elapsed time, sprinting, terrible food choices. Needing a spray or having a stick to make sure YOU (not others) don’t pass out is necessary.
  • A smile: Locals and fellow travelers are always welcome and warm to someone who is relaxed and smiling opposed to someone who is stressed and stiff.

David Smith

  • Computer: main source of entertainment
  • Snacks/candy: I am always hungry
  • Hearing aid batteries: they never die when I remember, but always do when I forget
  • iPhone: technological Swiss Amy Knife with a phone added on as a nice little extra
  • Watch: I can’t hear normal alarms and having your roommate throw a pillow at you is not the best way to start the day

 Simone Asque

  • A portable suitcase weigher is really nice to have because after living somewhere for several months you accumulate a lot of stuff. The fee for overweight luggage is very high so I like knowing if I have space for more or if I need to give away some stuff.

Donnie Suxho

  • Computer
  • iPod, Books
  • Necessary USA medical pills (vitamins, protein shakes, ibuprofen; I trust more usa products)
  • Always carry some cash(euro and dollars, just in case..)

Daniel Jansen VanDoorn

  • My Magic Bullet: While it was tough to take as it took up more than 1 kg of the 23 kg’s I was allowed in my suitcase, I had to take my magic bullet and a few glasses. Nothing better after a workout than a custom made shake with all the seasonal fruits, berries, juices and a protein powder in it.

Tabi love

  • My iPod
  • Softball for rolling out
  • Collection of books to read
  • Camera
  • A pair of Lululemon Wonder Unders that can be dressed up or down in case of emergency

Colleen Ward

  • Mac
  • iPhone
  • iPod

Lauren Gibbemeyer

  • My bath & body works lavender chamomile pillow spray, eye mask and ear plugs, beats headphones, my journal/planner, and my fluffy robe

Leigh Jakes

  • iPod
  • Noise-cancelling headphones: crucial for long away trips & locker room pre-gameLaptop/tablet (loaded with books, movies, etc)
  • Pictures of family & friends: to display a piece of home
  • Sweats: Tie between my favorite pair of comfy sweats from college
  • Lawry’s Seasoned Salt: Scandinavian/Nordic cuisine can be a little bland at times

Arie Wilson

  • Hair products: Lord knows it’s a struggle to find what I need for my hair overseas!
  • iPhone: which is unlocked it’s the best thing that has happened to me!
  • Peanut butter: I’m obsessed 
  • Nail Polish and Nail Polish remover
  • Most important my laptop

Kayla Jeter

  • iPod: I have songs from the first generation iPod on there. Nothing but classic hits playing
  • Pens: Colorful pen markers & plain paper for all of my lists, random thoughts, birthday cards and doodling.
  • My calendar: iPhone or my large desk version which I did pack in the bottom of my bag
  • Photos of my family 
  • Peanut butter: Fresh honey roasted peanut butter or Trader Joe’s honey roasted peanuts.

Sarah Pavan

  • Kindle
  • Computer/iPad
  • Crossword Puzzles
  • Adapters
  • Camera

Tori Dixon 

  • My iPhone: if you’re like me, my phone is my connection to the world outside of where I’m playing. It is how I maintain my relationships back home, how I keep in touch, how I listen to music, play games, how I find information, and honestly, what keeps me sane.

Diane Copenhagen

  • A pillow pet cow from Maggie Griffin: We played together in Holland and for Carnival she dressed up as a cow and I was a pig. For my birthday she got me one, so its like I am bringing here with me!
  • 2. My USC blanket: I have had it for years and it just brings a little bit of home to wherever I am.
  • Peanut Butter: One of my favorite foods and it goes well with everything
  • Computer of course
  • Journal: I know you can find them overseas, but there is something about having the right one that makes me want to write in it.

Kristin Carpenter

  • Pillow
  • iPod
  • Gum
  • Toothbrush
  • Chapstick

Kristen Dozier

  • Laptop
  • Flat Iron
  • Pink Teddy Bear
  • Bible
  • Photos from home

Emily Day

  • Go Europe book
  • Camera
  • Music
  • Passport
  • Cross body purse

Faime Kingesly

  • iPod: If I lost this thing I would lose my mind lol
  • My laptop: How else will I be able to watch my Netflix & Hulu, Skype my family and friends any time I want, and keep everyone in the loop on my life overseas?
  • My Nike/Adidas/UA gear: Whether it’s in sweat pant, sweatshirt, sneaker, dri-fit top, or headband form, when I’m not in “normal” clothes, I live in my athletic ones…like 95% of the time.
  • Kindle: When I’m not listening to music or watching a television show/movie, I do love to read a good book!
  • My noise-canceling headphones: Need I say more?

Sabel Moffett

  • Computer
  • Unlocked iPhone: I use by iPhone to take pictures, music, maps, keeping in contact with others and more. With the iPhone and other smart phones you can switch out SIM cards for each country you may live in. Personally I use an empty contact case to store all of my SIM cards. This way they do not get lost since they are small and can be easily misplaced.
  • Travel Adapter: I have a surge protector adapter that I use to charge all of my electronics.
  • Compression Pants: when traveling over 10 hours sometimes to games, the little things can come in handy and help recovery time.
  • Medications: (Nyquil/Dayquil/Imodium/Advil)-just the basics so in an emergency if get sick I have these on hand and know I can trust them.

Kate and Andy Hein

Slingbox and our projector: As much as I hate to admit it, having access to network shows from home and more importantly, professional sports games, is a lifesaver. As the weekend winds down, I can’t think of a better way to spend my Sunday evening than watching the Minnesota Vikings disappoint on the big screen in our living room.

Monique mead  

  • My neck pillow: I forget it once & I wanted to cry
  • Headphones: very minuscule but try traveling without them, the ones the airlines give out are awful
  • A hoodie: having a hood on just makes me feel more comfortable/relaxed when I travel alone
  • Laptop/Ipad: obviously
  • Cheese-itz: preferably Hot n’ Spicy

Sydney Yogi

  • iPhone (with music/games/books),
  • Water bottle
  • Lotion
  • Chapstick
  • Snacks

Kayla Banwarth  

  • Peanut butter
  • Macaroni and cheese,
  • Puzzle, memory foam pillow
  • Ranch dressing

Jenna Hagglund

  • iPhone
  • My Husky Pillow Pet
  • Macbook
  • Sudoku, Ken-ken, or other logic puzzles
  • SNACKS, especially peanut butter. (Snacks should probably be #1 on this list)

Deedee Harrison

  • Music
  • Two adapters
  • Tissues: not all places have toilet paper
  • Umbrella: i swear it rains every other day here
  • My own towel and pillow: bonus item, flip flops for the public showers and/or hotel showers.

Emily Dowd

  • Pictures of family and friends
  • My computer: to stay connected with my world back home,
  • Favorite snacks: to give me a little taste of home when I need it,
  • Blanket: I still sleep with from childhood (embarrassing, I know!)
  • My journal.

Erik Shoji

  • Computer
  • iPhone
  • Headphones
  • Coca-Cola
  • Passport

Dustin Watten

  • Computer
  • Roller
  • iPhone
  • Books
  • Laker’s jersey

Sarah Ammerman

  • My big canon camera: best investment I have made.
  • Some form of technology to connect to wi fi, phone, iPad or computer, always with me..got to stay connected
  • Chapstick and gum:  the essentials
  • My iPod

Evangella Sanders

  • my iphone/ipad/computer too obvious? (I’ll put my electronics together as one) 
  • A candle: nothing better than the smell of “home”
  • Pictures
  • Nail polish: helps when boredom strikes… which is a lot
  • Bible

Colleen Ogilvie  

  • Whey Protein: When I’m in Canada, I eat a lot of cottage cheese and yogurt for snacks, but we didn’t have those in Poitiers. Taking whey protein with me took away the stress while I was trying to find some alternative protein sources. It also saved me the stress of trying to find reliable information on reputable protein and supplement companies that batch test for banned substances in their products… in French (this requires considerably more vocabulary that Rosetta Stone gives you). Make sure to bring sealed containers to get you through airport security quickly.

Mandy Bible

  • Ziploc bags/trash bag/duct tape: My professor in college recommended these things before a big class trip to Ecuador. I haven’t traveled without them since. With these items you have endless possibilities…patch a backpack, design a poncho, strap on some sanitary gloves, lint roll your clothes…I’m sure you get the point.

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