Phone App | Bring Grandma’s tips and tricks with you overseas

Grandma’s Tips

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“Ever wondered what secret ingredients and tricks your grandma used to make that juicy steak, crispy fries or delicious cake? Or just want to learn about simple things like making fluffy mash potatoes, cooking the perfect egg, or peeling garlic quickly? You will find tips for all that and much more in this practical tool! More than 1200 tips how to cook super tasty meals, handle things around the kitchen, do housework and gardening, deal with small health and cosmetic problems, or make decorations and small repairs!”

Customer Reviews

“I don’t like buying apps because most of the time I’m disappointed. The preview of the app is what sold me. When I accessed the app I realized it was ten times better than what I thought it would be. So easy so organized and tips for literally everything”
“So many useful tips especially for a girl who had no granny to teach her some of this stuff :)”
“I love this app. I’ve already found over 20 “remedies” that I could really use.
Most excellent!! Bravo”

gma tips






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