Embarrassing Stories Overseas

“Back in 2009 when I had the ever popular Posh Spice Bob haircut, I went to a hairstylist to get a trim. His English was not the greatest, and he kept saying that this cut was very ‘dangerous.’ That he needed to be ‘very very careful because of the danger involved.’ I remember thinking OMG is he going to use a machete to cut my hair?! Why is this sooo dangerous??”

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Reese McNatt
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“Last year in Italy I got my car and forgot most cars run on diesel out here and put normal gas in my car. It started spewing smoke. When I called the team manager he came over and got on the phone with the mechanic and held the phone up to the engine so the mechanic could hear. All I heard was the guy on the phone busting up laughing. He asked what kind of fuel I used and they had to take the car into the shop. Embarrassing but I learned my lesson.”

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Jeff Menzel
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(1). When we arrived to Zurich we were picked up by the president’s son and driven two hours to Saignelegier where we picked up our car.  We were tired, irritable and so ready for a nap when the son asked which one of us wanted to learn how to drive the stick shift.  Upon jumping in the front seat I realized this wasn’t going to be an easy task.  Not only did I have no idea what he was doing but the language barrier and the son’s limited knowledge of stick shifts made it very complicated.  I finally got the hang of driving around a parking lot when we got taken to a hill and had to start the car going up the hill.  Those of you who drive sticks know how complicated this is when learning and those of you who don’t just take my word for it when I say it was a struggle.  Finally after much stalling and very sore necks we were sent on our way home.  I dreaded driving anywhere for the next few weeks and I will admit I failed to stop at a few cross walks for fear of stalling out—sorry pedestrians.  After stalling in multiple roundabouts and railroad crossings (I’m sure we annoyed the drivers around us) we started getting the hang of it, and now I would claim us as officially able to drive a stick shift! (2). Where we practice we have a wellness center with a spa and sauna.  I have always heard how Europeans are more open about nudity than Americans but I was unprepared for some of the awkward encounters in the sauna.  Let’s just say it was quite the culture shock!”

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Rachel Krabacher

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