Colleen Ward: Advice for Fueling Through the Long Season

You may be wondering, “Wait, how many months will I be overseas??” Professional athlete, Colleen Ward, may have asked herself that same question before too, but after having some experience under her belt (a year in Italy, and currently in Poland), she wanted to share some advice about how to fuel yourself and making it through the long season.


1. Water: Keep drinking a lot of water. From my experience, most of the tap water in Europe is not good to drink so it is harder to think of with always drinking from a bottle.

2. Diet: Maintain a healthy diet. I try to eat a similar diet as I would if I were still at home in America. It is harder with the different options in every country but you can still find most fruits/vegetables.

3. Visitors: Last year in Italy, I had my best friend come visit me over Christmas break and we traveled together. I was also lucky enough that my sister visited me twice throughout the season in Florence. This season in Poland I met up with my former teammate in Germany and we spent the holidays together. For New Year’s Eve most of the Americans in Poland met up and spent the night in Warsaw. My advice from this is to try and share your experience with as many friends/family as possible! Some of my greatest memories/adventures from this experience are the ones shared with my close friends/family.



4. Balance: Try to maintain as much balance as you can in your life. Make sure to keep in touch with your friends/family from home and try to make some new ones outside of your team if possible. I met a lot of new people in Italy and still keep in touch with them regularly. They definitely helped me make it through the season by giving me other things to look forward to.

Colleen Ward

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