Joshua Walker: 3 Things I Wish I Knew Before Going Overseas

1. I wish I understood more of what was expected of me as a foreign player. The teams I’ve played for didn’t bring me in as a role player. They brought me in as a scorer, leader, coach, trainer, and almost a father figure it seems like. If players think they can head over seas and only concentrate on improving their own skills and helping a team win like a college experience, they’ll be as shocked as I was.

2. I wish I was at least bilingual. I know a little Spanish, but nothing is more dissatisfying than meeting teammates that know 3 or more languages. It’s not a big issue since most speak some form of English, but nothing helps players bond faster than learning and trying to speak their language.

3. I wish I knew the right questions to ask before signing. I’ve gotten a lot better, but it seems every year I have to add things to my list of things I need or won’t do. Ideally I just want to go and be able to play my sport at my highest level, but off the court problems will affect that. I’m still trying to learn when enough is enough, or when I should look out for myself more.


Joshua Walker
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