Support system, tears, the journey… advice from pro athletes

“You can’t be afraid to let your guard down and find a shoulder to cry on. Once you have your first break-down, it gets so much easier and you get so much closer with the girls and people you’re around. The best part for me, besides continuing to play the sport I love, is to experience the local culture to the greatest possibility. What foods my teammates eat, I eat; when they shower, I shower; if they do sit-ups and push-ups before a match/practice, then I’ll do it to. When things get tough, I can always FaceTime or Skype my family at home, but just like going away to college, I tried to create that support system with my teammates or new friends in Europe.”

Screen Shot 2014-02-07 at 6.27.56 AM

Meghan Sherman
Volleyball Vagabond
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“Advice for fueling yourself and making it through the long season? Have a good support system that will constantly encourage you. Also, know that this is apart of your journey in life. Knowing that you are suppose to be overseas at this point in your life, and that is part of your overall purpose helps during the times when you desire to go home.”


Tiffany Clarke
Sitting Courtside
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“Some advice I would like to share is that being overseas is not as bad as people say. You are giving a chance to experience and see things that people dream of doing, so take advantage of it. I would encourage everyone to go site seeing as much as possible and take lots of pictures!”


Patricia Bright
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“Schedule time into your yearly and weekly programme for sufficient rest, your body will break down. Keep it fresh, try to do different things in your training schedule along with your social life.”


Austin Smith
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