Taylor Houck: How I Got My Contract Overseas

After I completed my 5th year at Villanova University, my coach, Fran Kulas, had a connection for a different team in Finland. He contacted this coach in hopes that he would either want to sign me or be able to spread my name to other coaches in the league. Unfortunately, this coaches roster was full. However, he did help to get my name out to the other teams in the league. This is when the manager of Pallokissat, my current team, contacted me. He asked for game tapes, which he forwarded to the coach. From there, the coach and manager agreed that they enjoyed what they saw. They offered me a mock contract to which I agreed to.

However, a few days later I was told that the club had decided to offer the contract to another American player and unfortunately would not be able to take me as well. After hearing that news I was crushed, and it was only a day or two before Christmas. But, like a Christmas miracle, less then 24 hours of being told that it wasn’t going to happen, the manager emailed me again apologizing and told me that the other player withdrew and that they’d like to formally offer me a contract to play for the club. Craziest 24 hours of my life to date.


Taylor Houck
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2 Responses to “Taylor Houck: How I Got My Contract Overseas”

  1. Villanova’s Taylor Houck finds Finnish squad to continue her career | Soccer Players in the Pros

    […] Houck got her contract overseas through a connection her coach at Villanova had with a club in Finland. Although that team didn’t have a spot on the roster for her, her coach got her name out there and other teams in the league, including the manager of Pallokissat, became interested. The coach saw what he liked based off of highlights of game footage and offered Houck a spot on the roster. […]


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