Shannon Thompson: 5 Things I Can’t Travel Without

1. My Water bottle– I have had a red powerade water bottle that I got my senior year of college that I took everywhere with me. I joke that my water bottle has been to more places than some people have but joking aside as an athlete you need to stay hydrated and in countries where there is no such thing as refills or anywhere to get water, you need to be prepared or when you are flying to and from the states you can fill it up at the airport and be good to go for the long flight ahead.

2. My computer– My computer really has anything I want on it. It has music, videos, books, and much more. I think I would go crazy if I didn’t have to spend my downtime on or when we do have internet to catch up with people. Plus when you don’t have wifi you can have pre downloaded movies, books, or shows which is a big help when traveling.

3. Lotion– I always carry lotion with me where ever I go. My skin gets very dry and since climates change wherever you go its good to keep your skin nice and hydrated.

4. Protein Powder– Yes, I know its silly to carry protein powder with you in your suitcase but for me I use it everyday so its a necessity. I use it after workouts to help recover and to help rebuild the muscle. As an athlete it is very important that you are getting enough protein in your diet. While living over seas you might encounter types of proteins that you might not like, so its important to have that extra fuel source.

5. iPhone/ headphones– Even though my iPhone can do almost everything my computer does, its more portable and I can download translation apps that I can take to the store and not need wifi for. Its also good to use for games on the long bus rides when it seems like the rest of the team can still text and go on Facebook. I can listen to my music and play games. The headphones are good because I can listen to music or TV shows without disrupting people.

Shannon Thompson

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