Kayla Neto: 3 Things I Wish I Knew Before Going Overseas

1. The first piece of advice I would give to anyone is don’t overpack. I brought too many clothes that I never wear and not enough warm clothing for a Switzerland winter. (I’m from california what’s winter?)

2. Also, I should have realized this after a tour in China, but ice isn’t used here like it is in the states (in my experience). Come prepared with instant cold packs or your own ice bag. I also wish I would have been more mentally prepared for a 9 month season complete with two practices a day.

3. Keeping a journal and taking vitamins were essential in keeping me mentally and physically healthy for such a lengthy season. By now most athletes know what their bodies need to perform physically, but keeping some sort of journal or writing down daily activities, thoughts, even a “too blessed to be stressed” list each day keeps your mind right and free of negativity.

Kayla Neto

3 Responses to “Kayla Neto: 3 Things I Wish I Knew Before Going Overseas”

  1. Hannah Hern

    KAYLA NETO IS THE BESTTTTTTTT!!!! PS never go abroad again. Move to San Diego forever.


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