Advice for the LONG season overseas

Take advantage of the opportunity to rest. As former collegiate athletes we always want to go, there’s always SOMETHING we feel like we could be doing but that time is not now. 8 months is a long season on top of the 10+ years you’ve already played, your body will gladly welcome the chance to do nothing.

Also, experiment with different foods, learn how your body reacts. Since living in Finland, Pinterest has really inspired me to change my diet to cleaner eating and even form a new weekly eating habit: Meatless Monday’s! I love that I finally have time to cook versus just grab whatever was in the dining hall or Chipotle. But don’t get me wrong, I do love me a good burrito bowl.”


Kayla Jeter
Adventures of Little Mixed Girl
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“It’s no secret that living overseas out of your comfort zone and away from friends and family is a grind.  There have been several times in my career (12 years) where I have thought about hanging up my gym shoes for a suit and tie. But we as athletes have to constantly remind ourselves why we fell in love with playing volleyball and what was our drive back then…to be the best.  When I first started playing abroad I loved going and competing against new players and new teams with different challenges.  I love coming into a new team and the inevitable new family.  Sharing stories of how players from other countries started playing volleyball and how they grew up.  I love rooming with one of the local players to be able to learn the language and the culture with a better appreciation.  All this being said the take is a lot better than the give.  I’ve learned a whole new appreciation for going overseas since I’ve been married and have a son now.  There are not a lot of jobs which I could do at home which allow me the free time I get to spend with my family.  Being able to watch my son grow up and do all his new “tricks” is something that money could not buy.  I also love the fact that when people ask me “What do you do?” and my reply is “I PLAY volleyball”.  Its pretty awesome being able to say that you PLAY something for work. IB Profen also helps me get through a long season at age 33 as well ;)”


Brook Billings
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