Long hotel stays require my favorite travel essentials


1. Eye Mask: I love my eye mask. I actually invested in a nicer one this season that blocks out even more light. European apartments and hotels love their lacy, shear curtains aka “welcome in sun and wake me up at the butt crack of dawn” Nothing is worse than waking up before I have to. Oh, of course for traveling on the bus and long flights too.

2. Magazine: I don’t always travel with magazines since finding a English magazine isn’t the easiest in Europe, but since I have a stash from Christmas travels magazines are on my must bring list right now.

3. Pillow Case: This is actually my first time brining my own pillow case and I’ll forever being doing this for now on. I started on this trip because we would be gone for 6 days straight in Azerbaijan, Baku and I just wanted to be as comfortable as possible in our long hotel stay.

4. iPad Mini: I was that person in the Apple store that was comparing iPad2 to the iPad Mini for a half hour. Ok maybe not a half hour but I wanted to make sure I made the best decision and I did. I put my iPad Mini on the back of bus seats and it’s small enough to throw in my purse on the go.

5. Beats Headphones: I just bought the newest model of Beats called Studio Beats and they are much more comfier than the original and they actually no longer require batteries because it now chargers via outlet/USB. Pretty nice new feature.

6. Water: Hydrate. Hydrate. Hydrate.

7. ESOS Chapstick: I have problems keeping Chapstick so I’m not picky on the brand as long as I can find it and use it.

8. Candle: OHHHhhh, I love my candles. Best thing to relax me after a long travel day or take my mind away from the stale hotel room stench. Who doesn’t like candles?

9. Macbook Air: I’m bring a brand snob, but I love my Mac and I recently switched to a Macbook Air since my Pro died before Christmas. It’s lighter and the batter lasts so much longer aka the best travel computer.

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