Embarrassing Stories Overseas: Spanish, Bathrooms, and Hostels

“First away game of the season, we had to pre-order what food we wanted on arrival.  It was chicken (pollo) or beef (bistec) one of the girls said she’d help me say it in spanish and told me to say quiero polla (I want dick).  So, I went ahead very proudly and shouted across the changing room that I wanted dick, much to their amusement!”


Chloe Wilcox
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“I think the most embarrassing thing that’s happened to me yet in my three seasons is that in Finland, there aren’t many bathroom stops along the way and most buses don’t have toilets in them and so long bus rides are tough for a girl like me. We had just finished our last game of the season and there was some drinks on the bus for our ride back and about two hours in I had to go the bathroom really bad, but the nearest stop was another 45 mintues away. Well I wasn’t the only one who needed to go, so on the side of the highway, our bus stopped and my setter and I confidently took our place behind the snow covered trees and went right there on the side of the road. Needless to say, not one of my prouder moments!”

Kelsey Black

“I traveled to Paris for my Christmas break alone and I stayed in a co-ed hostel on the 4th floor. I asked where the restrooms were on my floor as soon as I arrived and I was directed to a room at the end of the hall that said, “Hommes” on the door. Seeing as it was a co-ed hostel I just assumed the toilets were also co-ed and I had no clue what “Hommes” meant so I just thought the hostel owners were trying to be cool and it was like an English slang, kinda like “my homies.” So I used this restroom for a week and I didn’t take any notice to the fact that only men had been coming in and out of the showers and toilets and the weird looks I had been receiving. I was just in my own world doing my makeup and hair in the mirrors. Eventually on my last night in Paris a custodian had been speaking to me in the restroom but it was in French and I knew no French at all. Some guy translated for me and said that I was in the men’s restroom and that the lady’s room was at the opposite end of the hallway. I was so embarrassed, I just said thank you and walked with all my soaps and clothes to the other end of the hall where I found the lady’s room.”


Gwen Rucker

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