Sonja Newcombe: Hobbies, Exploring and Slingbox

Find a hobby, crochet, knit, read, blog, do puzzles, watch every TV series known to man. Whatever it is find something to occupy your down time because there is a lot and with time changes talking to friends and family back home isn’t always available during the day.

Also take a break when you can. Explore! Be adventurous and find a little haven for yourself whether its a cafe, restaurant, McDonalds with free internet, park bench or a walk that you like to take to clear your mind.

For me this year my projector and Slingbox have been essential. Playing in Russia I am spending a lot of time inside my apartment because the weather is so cold. This means lots of movies, tv and video games (mostly for Kyle but I do play Monopoly with him). Slingbox connects to the DVR at his parents home and we can watch their cable over the internet on our computer here in Russia. Its AMAZING! Check it our if you dont know what it is.


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