Two updates from two basketball players playing abroad


I have family and friends all over the world. This is the perfect time to wish everybody positivity and safe travels to wherever you may be going. A big thank you to ALL of my readers/followers.The positive feedback makes me want to continue to post more and more blog entries.

The holiday season is always bitter sweet for me. For the last five or six years I have spent my holiday season in someplace other than my hometown.I’m not complaining one bit .Enjoying new memories with friends,family,and teammates is something I will never forget.Long after basketball is over,I will be able to look back and appreciate all of my experiences away from home.

Last year I was in Germany and it was FREEZING! This winter hasn’t been too bad at all.It was a little disappointing because it snowed a bit here in Frankfurt,not enough to stick to the ground yet. Everyone keeps telling me not to worry because the snow is inevitable,it’s coming.My stubbornness caused me to catch a few colds last season.This season I had to get a big winter coat.Yes,the ones you see with the big furry hoods.Worth every euro spent too haha. A warm jacket or coat is a necessity here.Especially when you travel as much as I do for practices and games.

Here in Germany, if you don’t have a car it’s not impossible to get to your destination. The public transportation is AMAZING and often used by everyone.Besides the city bus,you have the S Bahn and the U Bahn. These two Bahns are comparable to a trolley or a subway back in the United States. Depending on where you are going the prices may vary,nothing too expensive of course.I joke with people all the time.The joke is that I literally spend half of my life on both the U Bahn and S Bahn. The ride is pretty smooth.At any moment, either of these may take you underground or on a regular train track above ground so you can look out of the window and enjoy the view of Germany.

Before landing on a team, I was traveling all over the place to practice with a few different teams just to stay fit. That’s the grind I signed up for.No matter what I have to do get my workouts in, that must be done.In early October I would get up early in the morning to shoot with a youth team.That was easily a forty-five minute train ride each way. The evenings were no different.I would travel an hour the opposite direction to practice in a city called Kronberg.They have a strict coach and a complete team.With that being said, it was good for me to be there because it was a controlled environment not just shooting drills and cardio.

Fast forward a couple of months.All the hard work and networking grabbed the attention of a team.They basically heard I was traveling around looking for an opportunity to play.This particular team was an hour away from where I live.I played a month long contract for this team.Wonderful experience for me! A few small things fell apart on the business end so the team and I were forced to part ways.No hard feelings at all. Just business.

Here I am gearing up for 2014 with my same razor sharp focus and positive vibes.I’m not big on New Years resolutions.Personally, I remind myself to stay true to my optimistic outlook on life.If it ain’t broke,don’t fix it right? It’s worked thus far.At the moment,I am networking and also preparing to travel wherever I need to so that I can get a fresh opportunity to play somewhere. I was told life is a marathon.Some would say I’m running the race at a great pace.

I would like to thank the entire Kishi family.Ian and Toni you guys motivated me so much over the years.Words will never be enough to show my appreciation.Truly wonderful people.

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Playing basketball has always been my dream and now I am able to play the sport I love for a living professionally, there is no better job. My overseas basketball experiences so far have been amazing, definitely something I will never forget. Basketball here in Europe/Overseas is very different from the style you are accustomed to seeing in the USA, in the USA we play more fast paced, athletically and for more of a show that’s why some games in the NBA are 100+ points. Overseas in the counties I have played in it’s more about the strategy and defense, very similar to how my team played in College at Tarleton State. So the adjustment wasn’t hard for me because my college prepared me for this style of play, but growing up on the Southside of Chicago basketball was always BIG and we love to put on a show when we compete, so it’s good to have a little of both in your game when playing at this level.

I have played in 5 different countries now I am in my 4th season playing at a very high level here in Greece A1 league for Apollon Patras. I had to work my way up from a lower league in Argentina where I avg 20.8 pts 12reb then to first league in Chile avg 19pt 11reb, then to Australia SBL in the summer avg 24.1pts and 12.8reb also won the championship and was awarded the MVP of the Grand Final, then finally I had my chance to come to Europe and play in Czech Republic in the NBL although I was injured for 3months during the regular season we were able to win the bronze medal and avg 13pts and 7.8reb. The journey to get to this level wasn’t easy just took a lot of hard work and dedication.

This Greek A1 league is the toughest league I have played in so far, from the physicality and also the talent of the players from the Americans to the Europeans players all of them are talented which makes for tough and competitive games every night. That’s the best part of playing at this higher level.

Currently my team is in 5th place I am avg 12.3 point and 5reb fighting a small injury where I will be out maybe for another fews weeks but will come back better!

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