Bailey Hunter: 2 Seasons, 2 Contracts

This is my 2nd season abroad, my first was in Bratislava, Slovakia, and now Vannes, France. Last season I used Bring It Promotions (BIP) to get a contract, and this season my former head coach at Georgia Tech reached out to me with the connections in France.

It was honestly a perfect coming together as I had pretty much decided I was not going to come back overseas and play. It’s funny how your life has a way of unfolding right in from of you, even with you least expect it. I got engaged in July and was determined to plan the wedding of a lifetime and convinced myself I could only do that in the States while not playing volleyball- wrong! As I found myself creeping back in to the gym to play ALONE I quickly realized my heart was still committed to playing volleyball.

Clue 1: I needed to get back in the game. I had recently taken a GA position at Tech and was beginning my Master’s program to obtain an Sports Administration Master’s to hopefully be a coach someday and eventually an athletic director. My vision for my future was coming together some would say. Though for me something was missing. I quickly found myself volunteering for any opportunity volleyball related, coaching club and working with younger girls to help them find the deep love I had for volleyball. I started reminiscing on my experience in Slovakia, which was one of the most challenging experiences I have ever endured- yet I walked away with such fond memories and a brilliant experience.

I realized when I was drifting off to sleep every night I would envision our championship match from that season to relax my mind. I had to go back. Europe was calling. I got my ducks in a row, prepared for my departure and began my goodbyes. Everyone was in support of me and my continued passion, and they said they had all seen me yearning for volleyball again but were waiting for me to see it.




Bailey Hunter
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