Ironman Switzerland Strategy

Going into Ironman Switzerland having broken my toe 6-8 weeks before the race, I knew that a sub-10 hour race was not going to be realistic. I raced the course, and my fitness, and not the people around me. I often see people who go out there chasing, not sticking to their own plan, goal or even the day’s personal limitations, in my case a broken toe, and they end up with a DNF, and at the least, disappointed.

Any Ironman looked at as a whole seems impossible and quite frankly, a ridiculous proposition. But if you break it down into each individual discipline, and then break each of those disciplines down into segments, then you really can “eat the elephant” one bite at a time.

In Switzerland the swim is looped, so I took that one loop at a time. The bike course is a great time to say to yourself, “the next 20 miles” is just like my 20-mile ride back at home from “A” to “B.” The run for me is always one aid station to the next aid station. I just focus on looking for those 1-mile markers.

In the end, I still enjoyed getting that medal and hearing those words, ‘You are an IRONMAN’ …just like everyone else who started something and was able to see it through to the end that day. There is so much good that comes from running and managing your own race. When you appreciate any limitations or last-minute challenges on the day, you can feel incredible satisfaction because you were able to stay positive and work within them.

By Scott Coey



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