Hi, Tiffany Thank you so much for your post. God just told me just yesterday to make him famous overseas also. A couple of years ago God put playing basketball overseas so strong in my heart. I can’t shake it if I wanted to. I love the game of basketball, I played a year of college ball. But I know that I will be playing point gaurd and I didn’t play much of that in college. When I go overseas to play I will be supporting my entire family. My husband and kids. My husband has three degrees. But he will be away from his jobs. Im am talented and I am in training now for it, but I am afraid of playing overseas, because it seems as if they demand perfection. But I know that I will have to keep my eyes off of them and keep my eyes on God and do it unto the Lord. And God will help me succeed for his glory. But I know God has called me and I say yes to him. But I am afraid were you afraid before you started playing overseas. If so how did you cope with it. And how is it? Need of some encouragement.