Katie Fuller: First Season Overseas, CHECK!

Katie Fuller’s first season overseas checklist of notes:

  1. Things I would do differently would be bringing siracha and funfetti cake mix 😉 Also, knowing that you will have down time, picking a new hobby or taking free online classes for something that interests you to make use of your free time.
  2. I am looking forward to ditching the chocolate and cheese and getting back to my acai bowls and the beach! Free water, chips and salsa, great Mexican and sushi!!! Just to name a few 😉
  3. Don’t lose your mind. It is a long season that can be both mentally and physically exhausting at times, especially around holidays or when the finish line is near. Remember why you chose to keep playing, whether for the love of the game or for the overseas experience, you are getting paid to do something you enjoy.
  4. First meal is going to be Mexican or sushi. Whichever I get my eyes on first!
  5. I have learned so much about myself. Self-discipline, whether it be taking what I learned from college volleyball and applying it to practices and games and the importance of maintaining a balanced diet to stabilize my athletic performance. And also, not being afraid to laugh at yourself. Being put into a foreign country you are going to have to adjust to their culture and lifestyle, and you WILL embarrass yourself a time or too, but that’s part of submerging yourself out of your comfort zone.
  6. I really value the relationships that I made in Dudingen. From my teammates, coaches, staff, and friends, they made it harder to leave, not knowing what my future plans hold and when the next time I will see them again will be. They helped me get accustomed to my new home. Just sitting at my layover in Philly I remember how much more fast-paced everyone is too! I already replied “Merci!” to the cashier and caught myself listening in on all the English conversations going on around me, shocked I can understand what people are talking about around me.


Katie Fuller
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