Geena Urango: Trying New Foods in Paris

Anytime I travel I make a conscious effort to try foods native to the respective culture. For example, in Brazil, I made sure to eat Brazilian barbecue (chicken heart is actually quite tasty). In Italy, let’s just say I ate too much bread, pasta and sliced meats that should be healthy for a human being.

Before traveling to Paris, I had been watching all of the Top Chef’s seasons, and noticed how much French influence they used in their dishes. I finished all 10 season in 3 weeks (each season is 17 episodes long, and each episode is 1 hour… impressive, no? Or maybe more on the pathetic side). I had a lot of time on my hands, okay? Anyway… I wanted to try a few different dishes in Paris that I had seen on Top Chef and had never tried before.

1. Foie Gras 


This was pumpkin soup with foie gras. For those who don’t know, foie gras is fattened duck liver. Sounds disgusting, but this might be one of my favorite dishes ever. Not only that, but where I got this dish was across the street from the Eiffel Tower, and Liza Minnelli was sitting next to my table. Fancy shmancy.

2. Escargot


Also doesn’t look that appetizing. The texture was questionable, but the olive oil, pesto marinade made it quite the tasty treat. I would highly recommend trying this dish (as long as you don’t imagine a snail while taking a bite)

3. Steak Tartare 



I mean, it looks like a hamburger patty, right? And yes, it’s okay for you to eat raw red meat. I just added some pepper to this bad boy and actually thoroughly enjoyed it. Ketchup helps too..

4. Nutella Crepe


Okay, I’ve had a crepe before, but not in France. There were a ton of crepe vendors around Paris, so it made it easy to grab one of these for a quick bite. Totally healthy… maybe not after 4 in one day though..

Embrace cultures through your taste buds. You won’t regret it! Or maybe you will if your stomach doesn’t agree. Either way, you’ll be able to say you’ve tried it.



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