11 Athletes and Their Favorite Places To Travel


Most of the athletes that contribute to Athletes Abroad have been ALL over the world, but where are their favorite places? We asked.

Brook Billings

After a very long and grueling season in Greece (2009/2010) My wife, Brett Billings, and I took 10 days to tour Mykonos and Santorini.  It was very relaxing and beautiful.  I’m a beach boy at heart so anywhere with crystal clear water and nice sand.  My wife and I also took a week long excursion to Bali after I injured my foot in Korea and broke the contract.  Bali is and always will be one of my favorite places on the planet.



Reese McNatt  

I have loved it all, Athens, Paris, Prague, Budapest, Barcelona, Madrid, Rome, Venice, Berlin, Munich, Vienna, Brussels, Amsterdam, Finland, Slovenia, Slovakia, Bosnia, Azerbaijan. I adored living in Croatia, and love living on Menorca island right now. Its truly hard to narrow down but I would say the most interesting place I lived and played was in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. It was just such an outstanding experience to be immersed in such a different culture. My favorite place I traveled to would probably be the Canary Islands. Tenerife and Gran Canaria are just such unbelievable and special places to me.


(Abu Dhabi)


AJ Nally

Rome, Italy. There is nothing more humbling than standing in an area (the Colosseum for me) and being so humbled by the history and the context.


(Rome, Italy)


David Smith

Paris is beautiful and surprisingly relaxing to visit. It has more of a home feel to it, but still has it’s European charm. Cabo del Gata is a beautiful beach in Spain near where we lived in Almeria. Supposedly during the summer it is packed and crazy, but during the season (fall/winter/spring) it’s quiet and the boardwalk along the sand was lined little cafes and restaurants for miles.

Cabo de Gato beach

(Cabo del Gata beach)


Kayla Jeter  

So far Helsinki has been my favorite place to travel. The hustle and bustle is similar to that of a smaller city in the states and it has some of the BEST rooftop views I’ve ever seen. The bar on the 12th floor of Sokos Hotel Torni is by far my favorite place to visit and I always make sure to stop by for a visit every time I’m in Helsinki.





Tori Dixon

Venice, Italy! I visited Venice traveling with USA HP. Cool shopping, good food, history, lots to do, and it is beautiful. New Zealand– My family is from New Zealand, and I am Maori. We visit New Zealand every few years and it is amazing. It is the prettiest place you will ever go, and its completely



(Venice, Italy)


Kristen Dozier

I loved living in Tenerife, maybe my favorite place in the world. I also adore Paris, Barcelona, and Rome.




Faime Kingesly

New York City -Okay technically I live there really is no place like home! WARSAW – I had the best New Year’s Eve there! Would like to visit immediately – Prague, London, and Paris


(Warsaw NYE)


Emily Dowd

Ireland was absolutely my favorite place I traveled to. I loved everything about it and was planning a trip back while I was still there. I visited Dublin, Cork, Cobh, Malahide and Howth while I was there and loved each of them. Germany was a very fun place to visit as well. I love history and they have such a crazy past so I enjoyed learning more about it first hand. I visited Berlin and Potsdam while I was there.


(Dublin, Ireland)


Evangella Sanders

Playing in Greece, any away on the Greek islands is exciting for me. The travel trip itself isn’t always the most enjoyable, but there’s nothing better than being surrounded by the beach & water. I was also able to travel to Rome for a quick Christmas trip this year. It’s amazing being able to hop on a plane for an hr or 2 and ending up in a place you’ve always dreamed about going.




Sarah Ammerman

Italy, Amsterdam, Paris and Croatia are at the top of my list, and they only get better the more I return to them.



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