Ways to make a long distance relationships work

  • Create a private blog to share your thoughts with each other: writing does wonders.
  • Download an app that is made specifically for couples.
  • Save up so you both can travel to a distant place for a vacation.
  • Talk on an instant messenger (e.g., gchat) during work hours.
  • Tell each other when you need your space.
  • Skype yourselves to sleep.
  • Work on a skill that can really impress them when you arrive (e.g., piano piece).
  • Pretend they’re always around so you can keep yourself looking fresh.
  • Keep a picture of them in your phone.
  • Talk about your partner with your friends so your partner is not a stranger when they visit.
  • DON’T talk about your partner toooooooo much with your friends because you can irritate your friends, which can make them irritated with your partner.
  • Snail mail them random gifts from time to time.
  • Have a monthly discussion to see the kinks you can work out in your long distance relationship.
  • NEVER end a conversation with disdain and contempt for each other – ESPECIALLY if it’s a weekend where they’re going to go out and party with their friends.
  • Don’t act too needy or you’ll be too overbearing for them.
  • Stay busy so you can be busy with them when you visit.
  • Stay social with your friends.
  • Being in an open-relationship is usually NOT the best option for an LDR.
  • Learn to trust each other.
  • Act and do things that prove you’re trustworthy.
  • Be open if you’re uncomfortable with someone they hang out with.
  • Understand weekends will be the toughest to handle out of the week: be prepared.
  • Visit them for their entire workweek.
  • Be aware that YOU DO have a life other than your partner.
  • Don’t write too many social media statuses about each other… it can get overbearing.
  • Learn to be patient.
  • Take a ton of pictures when you’re together so you’ll be able to reflect on all the good times you have when you’re together.
  • Be constantly open with each other.
  • Be brutally honest if this is something you cannot do and why.
  • Make BIG relationship decisions IN PERSON.
  • Be very vigilant to do all you can to show that you love them and that you’ll do everything to keep the relationship alive and explosive.
  • Understand that love can be all about timing, but that you both are tenacious enough to control the clock.
  • Tell them you miss them.
  • Learn self-discipline.
  • Understand that sometimes you need to just DROP EVERYTHING so you can talk with your partner.
  • Always set up side funds, especially for those moments when you definitely need to visit your partner in times of distress.
  • Really communicate if this is something you can do because a long-distance relationship is not suitable for every couple.

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