Dipping Their Toes In The Water Overseas

It’s becoming more and more popular for American NCAA sport programs to take a trip abroad every four years. It not only allows college teams to squeeze extra competition in during off season, but it gives young athletes a taste of what sports and life outside of America is like. For some it is a an eye opening experience because it is their first time outside of the US and for others it gives them a taste of what is to come in their future professional career abroad.

It’s all too common that athletes venture abroad for the first time as they are landing on the runway to take on their first professional season overseas, so the fact that athletes are able to get a glimpse and an idea of what life is like overseas, even if it is for a short and jam-packed two week trip, it gives them a huge advantage when living abroad and allows them to dip their toes into uncharted waters without having to dive head first into the deep end.

As we speak, the University of Nebraska volleyball team is taking off for their Asia trip and a few weeks ago Texas Christian University, Iowa State University, and The University of California took their Euro trips. Thanks to social media, we were able to see they enjoyed themselves.

Also, it’s hard for athletes take time out of their busy schedule to study a semester abroad so these trips are a perfect replacement.



You can see in via tweets that in-between all the travel they were able to train and play against great competition.



— Cyclone Volleyball (@CycloneVB) May 27, 2014


— Cyclone Volleyball (@CycloneVB) May 25, 2014

And like we said, when they weren’t training and playing, they were out and about exploring new cities and learning about life outside of the USA.



— Cyclone Volleyball (@CycloneVB) May 24, 2014











They provided a few articles, videos, and blog updates from their short trips.



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