Rosetta Stone Is Too Expensive

There is no worse feeling than wanting to communicate with those around you and not being able to when living and playing in a foreign country for 8-9 months.

Have you always wanted to try Rosetta Stone and didn’t want to cough up the cash to cover it? Yeah, we didn’t either. (Almost $500 – Summer sale = $274) So when we heard about this FREE Rosetta Stone app, we had to check it out.

“Learn to read, listen, and speak in your new language from the convenience of your mobile device. Experience our proprietary speech-recognition technology and Rosetta Course lessons anywhere you’re connected to the Internet.

Whether you are a current TOTALe subscriber or trying out Rosetta Stone for the first time, the app is available for download” Rosetta Stone


Yep, it was really free. Free to register and free to begin. We started off creating a “Demo Account” since we weren’t previous Rosetta Stone software owners.


It set up the audio and confirmed our microphone settings and we were ready for lesson number one.

IMG_6874  IMG_6927


It’s unlike any of the other language apps you’re going to download. It really breaks it down and relies on a  lot of visuals. For example, you will never see an Italian vocab word placed next to it’s English translation, it will all be pictures.

“It never uses English for its lessons – it just shows you pictures and makes you figure out what word, phrase or sentence is associated with that picture, without ever telling you in any way what the word is or means.”


As you guessed, the deeper you get into the lesson level, the more you wallet is required. We haven’t reach our first payment so we are not sure if it is a one time payment to unlock all the lessons or if it is a pay as you go, but we do know it will be worth it.



Rosetta Stone Travel App 

There is also a travel app that helps you with common phrases and vocabulary pronunciation. It doesn’t break things down into lessons like their main app, but it is great for learning popular phrases and adding new words to your bag of tricks.

Visit iTunes Store

“Buongiorno! Heading to Italy or just want to practice your Italian? Start speaking now with our free Travel app and its built-in phrase book. We’ll walk you through the basics of your new language.”

Of course there are In-app purchases where you can pay as you go for more phrases

Top In-App Purchases

  1. Emergencies $1.99
  2. Basics Plus $1.99
  3. Shopping $1.99
  4. Shopping $4.99

IMG_6938 IMG_6939 IMG_6940 IMG_6941 IMG_6942

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