Emily Brown: 7 Ways To Make Your Overseas Experience A More Enjoyable One

  1. Enjoy the moment
  2. Travel when you can
  3. Write your mom (but you don’t have to tell her everything, she worries! Is this a good time to admit to her that I once ran through the streets of Rio de Janeiro avoiding gun fire? Some guys at a festival got a little angry over a soccer match! Sorry mom.)
  4. Do what you can to avoid the January/February funk (get out and explore! Remember why you’re there!)
  5. Go in with an open mind knowing life abroad is different, but amazing. The convenience of things will not be what you’re used to, but embrace it! Don’t dwell on things that are different and remember to control the things that you can control (your attitude, your effort in making your time worthwhile and fun) and forget what you can’t control.
  6. After your first season, evaluate what you want out of the whole experience. Is it about the money? Is it about the travel and overall experience? Find what it is that makes you happy about doing what you’re doing and plan your contracts accordingly. For me, I know I won’t be happy living in snow for 9 months unable to be outside or feel my toes when I sleep. No amount of money would make me happy there! So I avoid jobs that would take away my sanity….believe me, you’ll lose yours once or twice along the way. I know plenty of others who go for the money. They’re 100% happy because their priority is being met. Find yours, makes it way easier to enjoy your time there.
  7. If it makes you happy, keep doing it. Don’t let the pressures of your friends in the “real world” dictate your life schedule. Being 28 and still living and loving this life I definitely get pressure from some people to “get real” with life. What does that even mean?!  I get questions like- “when are you going to get a real job?” “Don’t you want to be married and have kids?” ….first of all, this is my real job and wouldn’t trade it for anything at the moment! There’s plenty of time for these things! For me, this life is what I want it to be right now. Find what you want yours to be. You get to create YOUR real world. Enjoy the ride!
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