Kimberly Bruins: Traveling the World While Playing A Sport I Love

So I came to Italy to travel, but also to play some softball. After I graduated from Texas I didn’t think I would cross paths with Italy until who knows when! Maybe if ever!



This opportunity means becoming cultured and reminding myself that the USA isn’t the only country in the world! This experience also means exploring myself. I never thought in a million years I would hop on an airplane to go half way across the world to play softball. Here in Italy I have learned to break out my social barriers (and I even consider myself friendly/outgoing) because if you don’t interact and learn to ask questions, you won’t survive.


I honestly came to Italy with an open mind. I wasn’t sure of the level of softball here so I came in with the mindset of ‘Do not underestimate anyone because the second you do, you’ll regret it.’ The thing I’ve enjoyed the most is the openness of the Italian culture. Americans are very prude in a lot of aspects in life and I love that Italians are open and have a ‘go-with-the-flow’ attitude. The biggest cultural difference I have experienced out here is the public restrooms! I had the biggest fear of using the restrooms in public facilities for about two and a half months! They are quite different, to say the least.
I wish I would have packed more casual t-shirts and tank tops! Everyone uses scarves as a staple to the wardrobe so t’s are a must! Oh yeah, and ice trays. They don’t believe in ice in Italy, so if you plan on coming, maybe slide one or two in your suitcase!


Kimberly Bruins
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