Kate and Andy Hein: We Wish We Knew

1. “Simple” errands always take longer than you think they will, should, or than you have time for. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve left the house with a simple grocery list in hand only to return hours later, flustered and without crucial mealtime ingredients. More often than not, my grocery outings include stops at several different markets, aimlessly and awkwardly wandering up and down grocery aisles, and broken (insert local language) conversations with store keepers. Which leads me to…

2. “Just go with it” – One of the biggest pieces of advice I give friends and family, especially if its their first time in Europe, is to roll with the punches. Stores will be closed, buses and trains will be delayed for no reason, restaurants will randomly stop serving food throughout the day, the list goes on. Stressing out definitely doesn’t help the situation – I know from experience. Just roll with it… C’est la vie!

3. Research “ethnic” markets and don’t be afraid the venture into them. Some of my most successful food finds have come in the form of African or Asian markets. Corn tortillas and tamales – check! Brown sugar and vanilla extract – check check!

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