Leigh Jakes: Soccer Culture Overseas

Post World Cup, we were curious to hear how soccer in another culture compares to soccer in America. Professional soccer player, Leigh Jakes, is currently playing overseas in Finland. This is how she describes the soccer culture overseas compared to America.

“When it comes to soccer culture abroad, it seems to be more community driven than in the states. The love of the game is evident from top to bottom, with people showing clear support for their local club, kids playing soccer at school everyday, and fans passionately following their favorite players (much like American fans supporting teams/players in the “Big 4″ leagues). While participation at the youth level is high in America, interest at the professional level still seems to leave something to be desired (in spite of the current strength of MLS and the recent growth in the National Women’s Soccer League [NWSL]).”



Leigh Jakes
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